Glynis Austin Properties

Website Type :

  • Data Driven / Dynamic Website
  • Service Showcase

What We Did :

  • UI/UX Design
  • User Research
  • Web Development


Glynis Austin Properties is a prominent real estate agency specializing in luxury properties. They approached Square Pixel Digital with the goal of enhancing their online presence, improving user experience, and increasing lead generation through a website redesign.

Project Overview:

We undertook a comprehensive website redesign project for Glynis Austin Properties. The objective was to create a visually stunning and highly functional website that showcased their properties and attracted potential buyers in the luxury real estate market. The project timeline was set at three months, with a focus on delivering an intuitive and captivating online platform.

Strategy and Approach:

To understand Glynis Austin Properties’ target audience and market positioning, we conducted thorough research on the luxury real estate industry. This involved analyzing competitor websites, studying user preferences, and identifying key design trends. The agency devised a strategy to create a website that exuded elegance, while also prioritizing seamless navigation and optimized user experience.

Design and User Experience:

The visual design of the new Glynis Austin Properties website was carefully crafted to reflect the agency’s brand identity and the luxury properties they represent. We implemented a clean and sophisticated aesthetic, utilizing high-quality imagery and refined typography. The user experience was enhanced through intuitive navigation, easy-to-use property search functionality, and immersive property galleries that showcased the unique features of each listing.

Development and Technology:

The website was developed using the latest web technologies and a responsive design approach. We leveraged the WordPress CMS to empower the client with easy content management and seamless updates. Custom functionalities were implemented, such as property listing management, lead capture forms, and integration with the client’s customer relationship management (CRM) system. Performance optimization techniques were employed to ensure fast loading times and smooth browsing across devices.

Results and Impact:

The redesigned website for Glynis Austin Properties yielded remarkable results. Within three months of its launch, the agency experienced a significant increase in website traffic, averaging a 40% growth compared to the previous website. The enhanced user experience and intuitive property search functionality led to a 25% boost in lead generation, allowing Glynis Austin Properties to engage with potential buyers more effectively. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with users expressing appreciation for the seamless and visually captivating online experience.

Lessons Learned and Conclusion:

Throughout the project, we learned the importance of combining aesthetic appeal with functional design in the luxury real estate market. The collaboration with Glynis Austin Properties exemplified the significance of understanding the target audience and aligning design choices accordingly. The success of the project reinforces our commitment to delivering impactful web solutions that drive business growth for their clients.

Visit the redesigned Glynis Austin Properties website at to explore the seamless user experience and discover the exquisite luxury properties they represent. Contact us today to discuss how they can transform your online presence and help you achieve your business goals.

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